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How to choose the kind of PVC soft curtain?

There are many kinds of PVC soft curtain, how to know which one you should use ?

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Insect Resistant Soft Door Curtains have become a popular choice in many industries, especially in food processing and storage. These curtains are mostly used in buffer rooms such as the entrance of food processing workshops, raw material warehouses, and finished product warehouses. They help repel insects and effectively reduce mosquito entry.

Self-priming soft door curtains are another insect-proof curtain that emits insect-repelling light waves. This characteristic makes them an excellent choice for industries requiring a high degree of hygiene, such as food processing and storage facilities. Curtains also have additional benefits such as windproof, dustproof, heat preservation, and noise reduction.

Low-temperature soft curtains are mostly used in low-temperature fields such as cold storage facilities and refrigeration industries. They remain soft and flexible even in temperatures as low as minus ten degrees Celsius. This allows personnel and equipment to move in and out of the area easily while maintaining a constant temperature.

Anti-static soft door curtain is another popular soft door curtain, which is used in areas with high environmental hygiene requirements such as clean rooms and fine workshops. These curtains help prevent static electricity and maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Isolation soft curtains are mostly used in electric welding workshops to prevent arc light from harming workers outside the workshop. These curtains not only isolate the area but are also breathable, making them more practical than installing doors. They come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, black and cream.

To sum up, the use of soft door curtains in various industries is becoming more and more popular. It has multiple functions such as insect-proof, wind-proof, dust-proof, heat preservation, noise reduction, and anti-static. With the availability of various types and colors, soft door curtains are being adopted by more and more industries.



Post time: May-12-2023