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How to choose the right PVC curtain

There are many kinds of door curtain, if you are not sure how to decide when to buy, you can take a look at our suggestion, each kind of door curtain has its specific function, if you use in the cold environment then must choose the low temperature special door curtain, in particular, the cold winter and cold storage, refrigeration vehicles, such as the general temperature curtain will be hard in the low temperature will be broken, pay attention. It’s not a quality issue, it’s just that you chose the wrong product, the chemical plant, the static electricity environment needs to select a specific anti-static curtain, if you are in the food industry, then I suggest you choose the Yellow insect-proof curtain to ensure that your products are cleaner and hygienic. If it is used for ordinary household or normal outdoor use, then the transparent color high-quality curtain must not be a problem. Flat curtain is more widely used and economical and affordable, the Stripe curtain will not stick, and the double stripe handle makes the Living Up and the service life of the curtain, the specification recommends 200mm wide, 2mm thick use more widely.
Orange PVC soft door curtain can effectively disperse the special light wave of insect repellent, so that mosquitoes away, suitable for food processing plants, fresh food processing centers, feed factories, beverage processing plants and other enterprises. The anti-arc curtain is mainly applied to the protective screen of the welding workshop, which has good light shielding, high temperature resistance, stable chemical property, and plays a very good protective role ,The main colors are red, brown, black, green is the most commonly used .
Choose the most suitable product according to your environment, place, temperature and requirement, not only make the best use of it, but also have better effect and longer service life.Now, do you know how to choose the curtain you need?

Post time: Nov-23-2021