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Maintenance Of Anti Static Pvc Curtain

1. Prevent direct sunlight. If it is hung in an area exposed to sunlight, it is best to hang a general hood on the side of the anti-static curtain that is exposed to sunlight, so that the sun is not easy to directly shine on the Anti-Static Pvc Strip Curtain.

2. It is necessary to prevent high-concentration organic solvents such as xylene and Tianna water, and strong oxidant aqueous solutions from splashing on Anti Static Pvc Curtain, and use inappropriate special tools and sharp special tools to damage or scratch the surface of the curtain cloth.

3. According to general regulations, the spare parts of Anti Static Pvc Curtains are iron keels or stainless steel keels, which are used to build anti-static curtains. Sometimes anti-static curtains should be fixed on it with hooks. Therefore, this keel should be processed regularly. It is recommended to rub some oil on the keel to prevent rust.

Anti-Static Pvc Strip Curtain

4. Because the Anti-Static Pvc Strip Curtain is made of PVC material, it has strong aging characteristics, especially when it is continuously high temperature, it can prevent contact with fire, traditional Chinese medicine preparations, polymer oil, isopropyl titanate cyclohexanol, etc. And it should not be placed next to the radiator to increase the service life.

5. If the anti-static curtain is wet by precipitation, it should be cleaned in time. The acid in the precipitation can cause mildew and pigment spots. And it should be stored in a cool, shading, dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture return.

Post time: Jul-07-2022