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PVC industrial soft curtain suspension system accessories(PVC hanger) selection is also very important



The use of PVC industrial soft door curtains has been very common, and all walks of life also have products with different properties and specifications. The majority of users generally have some understanding, but it is very easy to ignore his accessories, hanging the use of the beam accessories, today we will talk about the soft curtain keel how to choose.

Soft Door Curtain Keel of the first difference in the material, usually have galvanized iron and stainless steel, and stainless steel and stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304 commonly used, we mainly introduce the three most commonly used.

First galvanized iron material, refers to the surface coated with a layer of zinc steel. Zinc plating is an economical and effective antirust method, which is used in about half of the world’s zinc production. Zinc plating can effectively prevent steel corrosion and prolong service life. Galvanized steel sheet is widely used in construction, vehicles, home appliances, daily necessities and other industries. Using galvanized material made of soft curtain keel and clamp in the use of stainless steel keel and the use of no difference, and more affordable, is a low-cost, easy to use a good choice.

The second is the difference between stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304,

304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel differences:

1, chemical composition is different: general stainless steel is in iron, carbon on the basis of nickel, chromium, manganese and other metal elements, so that its rust-resistant properties, 304 stainless steel contains more nickel and chromium than 201 stainless steel, and less manganese than 201 stainless steel.

2.Chemical property: the nickel-chromium metal mainly plays a role in corrosion resistance, 304 stainless steel contains more nickel-chromium, corrosion resistance than 201 stainless steel.

3. Physical Properties: 304 stainless steel is tough, 201 stainless steel is not tough enough, the tensile process requires a large force, and easy to crack.

4. Safety Performance: 201 stainless steel contains high manganese element, which is harmful to human nervous system. 304 stainless steel belongs to the food grade material. At present, all the food grade stainless steel is 304 stainless steel and above.

5, Price: 304 stainless steel nickel, chromium, corrosion resistance, high price, 201 stainless steel low price,

6, application scope: 304 stainless steel corrosion resistance, good for outdoor construction, 201 stainless steel acid resistance, alkali resistance is good, more used for indoor decorative pipes, industrial pipes.

304 stainless steel features:

304 stainless steel nickel, chromium, corrosion resistance, high toughness, expensive! Used in anti-corrosion building.

201 stainless steel features:

201 stainless steel nickel, chromium less, weak corrosion resistance, manganese, acid and alkali resistance, good price! Used for decorative pipe, industrial pipe.

In addition, but also pay attention to different specifications of soft curtain selection accessories specifications and quantity, no matter which style of keel accessories, in the number of matching basic follow this principle:

PVC strip hanger and clip

Length of clamp 150MM 200MM 250MM 300MM
Screw(pcs) 21 21 15 16


Length of clamp 150MM 200MM 300MM
Screw(pcs) 21 21 16

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