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PVC Soft curtain type and effect

PVC soft curtain used for enterprises and institutions, but also used in supermarkets, malls and other places where many people go in and out. It’s getting better and better and more diverse. It can play a winter heat preservation, summer blocking cold air convection, dust, wind and other effects. But what do you know about it? Do not simply think that it is good-looking transparent, easy to enter and exit it is just convenient, it actually has many functions. Here is a brief introduction to the PVC soft curtain how is it

PVC Soft curtain type

now is a demand must have the supply of the Times, people want what there is. The vast majority of businesses is based on this market, the creation of this demand. However, most people are not very clear in the purchase of their own needs, often buy a pass, the result is often not as you want. Soft door curtain is divided into several kinds: PVC soft door curtain, transparent soft door curtain, air conditioning soft door curtain, mobile soft door curtain, folding soft door curtain, orange insect-proof soft door curtain. In the purchase of a clear understanding, according to their own needs to buy, will not lose.   

 PVC Soft Curtain Effect

Pvc soft curtain has a strong cold resistance, at minus 70 degrees can still maintain a high degree of flexibility, no deformation, no fracture. Fire prevention effect is also very good, not easy to burn, flame retardant, in flammable chemical plants, printing plant application is good. It also has the effect of pest control, Orange Soft curtain can emit special light waves, so that insects away from it. The utility model has the sound insulation effect, which can reduce the lowest decibel value of the noise, prevent the noise from spreading, and reduce the noise pollution. There are anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, windproof and other functions.


Post time: Jul-16-2022