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PVC strip curtain transparent plastic sheet

PVC strip curtain transparent plastic sheet

PVC soft door curtain, with good transparency, can reduce the loss of air conditioning and heating, can effectively prevent UV and dust, so that the workplace is more clean and comfortable. For shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, canteens, refrigeration, food processing, printing, textiles, fresh processing center, beverage processing plants, chemicals, factories, schools, hospitals, banks, post and telecommunications departments, can be isolated from hot and cold, noise and other effects.

The types of soft PVC door curtain products: general type, anti-static type, anti-insect type, low temperature type, anti-arc type, anti-ultraviolet type, anti-static network type and other types of products, used in food processing, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, refrigeration, printing, steel and other industries.

Performance and characteristics of PVC soft curtain low-temperature effect: ordinary products, in the low-temperature conditions of product hardness will have a certain increase.

PVC soft curtain energy-saving effect: the use of the process will not consume any electricity, no noise, to maintain indoor temperature.

PVC soft curtain pest control effect: for the general mosquito isolation effect.

PVC soft door curtain fire effect: fire-resistant type of soft door curtain its flame retardant is relatively high, suitable for use in chemical plants and various buildings.

PVC soft curtain wind-proof effect: the installation process using overlapping structure, this structure in the air tightness and thermal insulation is good.

PVC soft curtain electrostatic prevention effect: General.

PVC soft curtain anti-uv effect: UV type curtain, can effectively filter UV, so in the process of welding operation, can prevent sparks, smoke debris flying diffusion, effectively protect the safety of staff to prevent the occurrence of fire.

PVC soft door curtain sound insulation effect: can reduce noise, prevent the spread of noise, work period can improve the sound insulation effect.


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