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pvc strip curtains

The strip curtains present a flexible barrier across internal and external apertures providing seamless traffic flow, protecting goods and personnel, reducing energy costs and creating a safe, comfortable and more productive work environment.

Strip curtains, also known as PVC strip doors, are installed to create doorways and partitions within commercial and industrial buildings providing fast, easy, unlimited access to personnel, vehicles, forklifts, carts, and machinery and are ideal for areas with low, medium or high traffic flow.

Each transparent strip is fabricated from a PVC compound with an outstanding degree of flexibility specially designed to combine high clarity with mechanical strength to deliver visibility, durability, and resistance to force.

The strip curtains are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses (200 x 2mm, 300 x 3mm and 400 x 4mm) and specialist PVC grades such as welding  PVC and anti-static PVC,polar PVC ,MAGNETIC PVC and so on . This versatility enables wanmao to tailor a custom-made strip solution to warehousing, food services, refrigeration, materials handling and manufacturing businesses meeting a wide range of applications including cold room and freezer room doors, personnel doors, storage area enclosures, factory and warehouse entrances and partitionings, conveyor and overhead crane openings, spray booths, ventilation brattices.

For large exterior enclosures and high traffic areas,we recommends a thicker PVC grade as well as wider strips for more overlap to provide protection from outside elements. A lighter internal grade material and narrower strips are best suited for areas with light foot traffic.
The strip curtains deliver numerous advantages to end-users:

Reduced business operating costs

The strip curtain provides an environmental separation from weather conditions; by reducing the loss of hot or cold air within the work space the strip curtains maintain the ambient temperatures and conserve energy with subsequent decreased energy costs. The strip curtains are effective in +60°C temperatures and the polar grade PVC remains flexible in temperatures of up to -40°C.

Low cost, easy to install and maintain

Mounted to specially-designed mounting brackets, the strip curtains are quick and easy to install. Each PVC strip is pre-cut and pre-punched to specific lengths for easy repair or replacement on a strip by strip basis.

Improved working environment ensures greater worker safety and comfort for improved productivity and uptime

The strip curtains provide effective protection against sparks and splashes, eliminate draughts, reduce the movement of airborne particles (dust or odours), reduce or isolate noise.  The clear strips admit light and protect the workplace from pests and rodents.