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What exactly is PVC?

   What industries are PVC used in?MYXJ_20220426105353981_fast_150

Simply put, PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride Materials, is to polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agents, modifiers, etc. , by mixing, calendering, vacuum blister and other processes from the material.

  At present, PVC material is widely used in chemical industry, construction, textile industry equipment containers, pipes, shells and artificial leather, wire and cable insulation, plastic film, infusion bags and other daily necessities. Itself is a fragile material, must add DEHP and other plasticizers in order to increase its flexibility, make it into a soft film, bags, pipes.

  Basic characteristics: it is one of the world’s largest production of plastic products, cheap, widely used, PVC resin for white or light yellow powder. According to different uses can add different additives, PVC plastic can show different physical properties and mechanical properties.

  A variety of hard, soft and transparent products can be made by adding proper amount of plasticizer into PVC resin. The density of pure PVC is 1.4 g/cm3, and the density of PVC plastic parts with plasticizers and fillers is generally 1.15-2.00 g/cm3.

  Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride has good tensile, bending, compression and impact resistance. It can be used as structural material alone.

The softness, elongation at break and cold resistance of soft PVC will increase, but the brittleness, hardness and tensile strength will decrease. PVC rare good electrical insulation performance, can be used as low-frequency insulation materials, its chemical stability is also good. Because of the poor thermal stability of PVC, heating for a long time will lead to decomposition, release HCL gas, make PVC discoloration, so its narrow application range, use temperature is generally -15 ~ 55 degrees.

  Main uses: due to high chemical stability, it can be used to make anti-corrosion pipelines, pipe fittings, pipelines, centrifugal pumps and blowers. PVC board is widely used in chemical industry to make all kinds of storage tank lining, building corrugated board, window and door structure, wall decoration and other building materials.

  Due to its excellent electrical insulation, it can be used in the electrical and electronic industry to make plugs, sockets, switches and cables. In daily life, PVC is used to make soft curains, sandals, raincoats, toys and artificial leather, etc. !

Post time: Feb-07-2023