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  • Selection of curtain fittings

    There are two kinds of curtain suspension systems in common use, European Standard EU style and Chinese style CN style, both of which are the most common and most commonly used styles. There is no distinction between good and bad, only according to the preferences and acceptability of customers a...
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  • An enhanced and upgraded version of the polar curtain

    In the cold environment with very low temperature, the soft PVC curtain needs to keep better softness and strength and toughness in order to have good use effect. Generally, in order to achieve better effect, the effect of ribbed is better than that of smooth, now in order to make the plane low t...
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  • very popular a door curtain-magnetic curtain

    very popular a door curtain-magnetic curtain

    This is now very popular a door curtain-magnetic curtain. It is most commonly divided into two sections, PVC curtain magnetic curtain and Mesh magnetic curtain. Its main material is PVC soft curtain, on both sides of the magnetic bar and tape, so that it has suction on both sides, so it will be h...
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