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  • PVC Soft curtain type and effect

    PVC soft curtain used for enterprises and institutions, but also used in supermarkets, malls and other places where many people go in and out. It’s getting better and better and more diverse. It can play a winter heat preservation, summer blocking cold air convection, dust, wind and other e...
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  • Maintenance Of Anti Static Pvc Curtain

    1. Prevent direct sunlight. If it is hung in an area exposed to sunlight, it is best to hang a general hood on the side of the anti-static curtain that is exposed to sunlight, so that the sun is not easy to directly shine on the Anti-Static Pvc Strip Curtain. 2. It is necessary to prevent high-co...
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  • Recent PVC“V” market review interpretation

    this year is to go strong expectations vs weak reality logic. January-early February in the macro-strong and cost support under the rise. On the basis of stable growth, monetary and fiscal policies, such as marginal easing of real estate policy to boost the formation of commodities. In mid-to-lat...
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  • PVC STRIP CURTAIN OF  Langfang WanMao

    PVC STRIP CURTAIN OF Langfang WanMao

      LANGFANG WANMAO HEAT INSULATION MATERIAL CO.,LTD is located in Beijing, Tianjin, the Bohai Economic Circle in the heart , is a professional production and sales of PVC curtain stainless steel suspension system of the enterprise. We Supply and Install PVC STRIP CURTAIN and PLASTIC FOR PARTITION!...
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  • Why we use the PVC Strip Curtains

    In doorways, at work sites, and as partitions of production and Storage spaces the strip curtains give efficient protection against draught, dust, steam, noise and splashes because they only open just the amount required for passing through. The strip curtain is a wall that allows passing through...
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  • PVC Strip Curtains, Doors & Industrial PVC Strips

    Advantages : These pvc strip doors reduces heat or cold air loss. Restricts movements of air pollutants such as (dust / dirt / smoke / fumes / draughts). Admits light. Isolates noisy machinery. Increase employee confort by keeping temperature & humidity under control. Minimum maintenance...
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  • How to use PVC door curtain correctly and prolong its service life

    How to use PVC door curtain correctly and prolong its service life

    1, do not contact with sharp hard PVC soft curtain, so as not to scratch the impact of beauty. 2, the use of soft PVC curtain need to be cleaned to ensure that clean, in the cleaning can be used with clean water and dishcloth to wipe, prohibit long-term immersion in water, do not use acid-base cl...
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  • Introduction of magnetic self-priming soft door curtain

    Magnetic soft curtain uses high quality soft glass, soft glass is surrounded by a magnet bar, the curtain can realize magnetic closure, the curtain material transparency is high, the frame is narrow, and the atmosphere is practical, it’s a new curtain product that’s just come into fashion in the ...
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  • welding screen PVC

          Product features:  welding screen PVC soft curtain is made of imported color masterbatch and flame retardant raw materials. There are two forms of translucency and frosting. With red, blue, yellow, abrasive proof, soft, anti-aging and so on. Most of them are strips and rolls. Adopt fixed ...
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  • Insect proof soft curtain

    Product features: WANMAO orange insect proof soft curtain is manufactured with imported orange color masterbatch. There are two forms: plane and reinforcement. It has anti adhesion, softness, transparency, anti-aging, and the use of external light source to send out insect repellent light waves. ...
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  • Selection of curtain fittings

    There are two kinds of curtain suspension systems in common use, European Standard EU style and Chinese style CN style, both of which are the most common and most commonly used styles. There is no distinction between good and bad, only according to the preferences and acceptability of customers a...
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  • An enhanced and upgraded version of the polar curtain

    In the cold environment with very low temperature, the soft PVC curtain needs to keep better softness and strength and toughness in order to have good use effect. Generally, in order to achieve better effect, the effect of ribbed is better than that of smooth, now in order to make the plane low t...
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