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An enhanced and upgraded version of the polar curtain

In the cold environment with very low temperature, the soft PVC curtain needs to keep better softness and strength and toughness in order to have good use effect. Generally, in order to achieve better effect, the effect of ribbed is better than that of smooth, now in order to make the plane low temperature door curtain also have better effect, the addition nylon line low temperature door curtain has been produced. Of course, the normal temperature can do the same, but it plays a bigger role in the production of low temperature door curtain, nylon Cord tensile strength and toughness are unparalleled, in the very low environment will not send fracture, appearance is also better features, very suitable for high-quality customer use requirements. nylon reinforced PVC strip curtain
The nylon reinforced PVC strip curtain includes a nylon reinforcement to add strength. It can be used for both normal temperature and low temperature applications.
Utilizes nylon thread within the material to prevent elongation or shrinkage of material due to temperature variations. For
interior applications only Remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40℃. Best for cooler/freezer applications

Post time: Nov-18-2021