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Magnetic soft door curtain is favored because of what characteristics

Magnetic soft door curtain because what characteristic and be favored by all? I think in the future life of magnetic soft curtain, will be more and more favored by users, and gradually replace the ordinary soft curtain. You should know that magnetic self-priming soft curtain is mainly used for wind chill, mosquitoes and flies, can also be used to separate cold air and hot wind, and can play a decorative role. Now many plastic soft door curtain are equipped with magnetic strip, magnetic self-absorption soft door curtain can be said to be quite extensive use, then magnetic soft door curtain what is the characteristic?

1.   close fast, magnetic self-priming soft curtain in use can achieve rapid closure. Ordinary Plastic soft curtains can only be opened and closed by their own gravity, while the curtain with magnetic strip adds a kind of magnetic force, in the gravity closed, can attract both sides of the curtain through the magnetic force. If the ordinary curtain is not closed strictly, it needs to be closed by hand, and the magnetic soft curtain in our access is not to worry about the closure of the problem.

2.   anti-mosquito, magnetic self-absorption plastic soft door curtain mosquito control effect is better. Although the ordinary plastic soft door curtain can also play the function of anti-mosquito, but the effect is not very good, because the traditional plastic soft door curtain itself can not be completely closed, and sometimes appears in the bottom middle or small mouth, through a small opening in the mosquito. The plastic magnetic soft door curtain is very tight because of its fast closing speed, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes from following people into the room, especially in summer when mosquito breeding is serious.

3.   Sound insulation good, plastic magnetic soft curtain sound insulation effect is very good. Ordinary plastic soft curtain can not be completely separated from indoor and outdoor because of poor sealing, outdoor sound can be introduced into the indoor through the open air, poor sealing, thus affecting the normal indoor environment. A soft plastic door curtain with magnetic strips completely isolates the interior and exterior. As a result of good sealing, plastic magnetic soft curtain can fully play the role of blocking sound transmission, so that although the indoor observation of outdoor conditions, but can not hear the outdoor noise.


Post time: Mar-15-2022