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PVC door curtain two years not yellowing principle

Door curtain is used by every family, especially in the hot summer, mosquitoes are more, light is also very strong, so in the summer door curtain sales is straight up, product quality is an important guarantee. There are many kinds of door curtain styles. In summer, we usually see PVC soft door curtain.PVC curtain 微信图片_202203151152073 ever, transparent door curtain has a relatively common problem, that is, it is easy to yellowing, aging quickly, and seriously affects the appearance of the products, appear this kind of phenomenon can let user headache, more let soft door curtain manufacturer helpless. Many manufacturers have been looking for an auxiliary to change this problem, also tried a lot of, some after use although improved, but the effect is not ideal.

The reason for this is that the PVC curtain is yellow,Mainly because the door curtain is mostly in the outdoor, the sun can be directly illuminated, generally three months or so will appear yellow phenomenon, a long yellow more serious. This phenomenon is mainly due to ultraviolet radiation in the sun, which destroyed the molecular structure of PVC curtain, so that the polar chlorine contained in PVC structure in the long-term light and oxidation will accelerate the decomposition of yellowing similar to PS and PU. This can be slowed down by adding a small amount of antioxidants and light stabilizers during the blending phase. Common additions of Antioxidants 1010 and UV-531 are most common anti-aging combinations for PVC products. Please refer to.

However, transparent PVC curtain products are usually more resistant to ultraviolet radiation than antioxidant requirements, it is recommended that a variety of light stabilizers used in coordination is better. Most of the UV absorbers on the market are monomer, and can not play a significant anti-yellowing effect. Need to choose to absorb multi-peak UV absorbent, can more obvious to achieve long-term non-yellowing effect. At present, the market commonly used a good match type of UV absorber X-2, just meet the requirements of customers. The choice of such an anti-oxygen, anti-ultraviolet, light stability of the match-type UV absorbent, can really escort plastic traffic products.

Post time: Mar-15-2022